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Freezing of studies

  1. A student may be allowed to freeze studies before the commencement of a semester, with the permission of the Director of a campus or In charge of Academic Affairs. Freezing of studies for a bachelor degree program shall not be allowed for more than four semesters in total.
  2. For a Master’s degree program the maximum limit shall be two semesters in total. However, not more than two semesters in succession shall be allowed to be frozen at a time.
  3. The student may re-enroll in the same semester which he/she had frozen.
  4. The semester fees of the frozen semester, if already paid, shall be allowed to roll over.
  5. Freezing shall only become effective when appropriately notified, failing which the name of the absentee student shall be struck off the campus rolls. In that case, resumption of studies shall only be allowed after payment of Admission Fee.
  6. Student with Frozen studies cannot attend lectures or use the computer labs and other facilities at study center.
  7. As per policy the students of first semester are not allowed to freeze studies.

How to Freeze Studies?

In order to freeze the studies, please follow the following procedure

  1. Login to your LMS account
  2. Click on the services tab and select the “Semester Freeze Request” link (if not frozen already)
  3. Enter the reason for freezing the studies
  4. Click on Submit Request button