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LMS Guide

What is LMS

Online courses are based around the learning management system (LMS), which is the software system for the e-learning program. VCOMSATS LMS provides the student to visit the course website where student can view course information like course overview, FAQs, glossary, web links, related downloads, scheme of study and course contents. Students take their quizzes, submit assignments and participate in discussion boards with tutor or other students from LMS.

VCOMSATS LMS is a tool for doing e-learning for students. It is a sophisticated E-Learning tool which offers a wide range of functions and features to provide students a professional educational experience integrated in a well known web interface.

Logging in to the LMS

  • Type url and click on "Login LMS"
  • Select your session and program from drop down list
  • TAB to the roll number edit field and type your roll number.
  • TAB to the password field.
  • Type in your password.
  • Press ENTER to login or click on Login button with mouse.

Logging out of the LMS

  • Be sure to log out whenever you finish a session in the LMS.
  • Go to the top of the page and arrow down (My Account Tab) until you reach the 'Log Out' Link and press with mouse or ENTER.
  • You are now logged out of the LMS.

Understanding the layout of pages in the LMS

At the top of each page of the LMS you will find navigation links to various 'tabs' or major areas of the LMS. The tabs presented to students in the LMS are 'My Home', 'Grade Summary', 'Fee Summary', 'Personal note','Lecture Schedule','Notice board', 'Services','Email', and 'My Account'.

At the left side of the page is side menu for the students containing 'My Home' , 'My todo list', 'My notes' and 'My Courses'. While right side of the page is reserved for the contents and contents details.

The LMS 'My Home' tab contains the list of registered courses. Each item in the list contains the links to the 'Course Information' , 'Assignments', 'Quizzes','GDB','MDB', 'Annoucements' and live sessions in the form of icons. Generally these links are repeated at the top of each of the web pages in the LMS for a selected course.