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How to do Assignment

  1. Please regularly visit your To-do List for getting updated information regarding Assignments.
  2. Read through the assignment carefully and analyze requirements given in the Assignment.
  3. Submit Assignments in the format requested i.e. pdf, doc, txt etc. Otherwise your assignment will be graded as zero marks.
  4. If you find any ambiguity in the assignment you can get clarifications from your Tutors.
  5. Do not try to Copy Assignment from your Friend. This will cause zero marks straight away and many other penalties.
  6. Proof read your questions for at least two times.
  7. Be to the point and Answer according to the requirements given in the Assignment.
  8. Think and answer logically. Organize your ideas. Your assignments should be clear, well sequenced and very well constructed.
  9. You can use different mediums to prepare your assignment like books, journals and the Internet but with proper references.
  10. Do not copy same source from any medium. Try to express in your own words.
  11. Working with others and sharing ideas is always a valuable activity and is recommended for assignments. However, all material you submit MUST be your own unique and original work.
  12. Deadlines for submission must be strictly adhered to. Late assignments are not accepted until and unless relaxation is given by the University.