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The Grading System

Under Graduate (BS/BBS/MCS/MA/MSc./MBA)

  • The minimum passing marks for each course shall be 50% students obtaining less than 50% marks in any course shall be considered to have failed in that course
  • The correspondence between letter grades, credit points, and percentage marks shall be as follows

Letter Grade Credit Points Percentage Marks

Letter Grade Credit Points Percentage Marks
A (Excellent) 4 90 or above
A - 3.7 85~89
B+ 3.3 80~84
B (Good) 3.0 75~79
B- 2.7 70~74
C+ 2.3 65~69
C (Average) 2.0 60~64
C- 1.7 55~59
D (Minimum passing) 1.3 50~54
F 0 Less than 50
Note: The marks to be assigned to students shall be in whole numbers.


Academic Grade

  • IP , In Process
  • WD, Withdrawal

Assignment of Scholastic Status

Each student is assigned a two-letter abbreviated status on the transcript according to the scholastic achievements during the semester. Each status reflects the changes in the academic achievements and has been individually explained below:

Good Standing (GS): Students are assigned this status at the beginning of their studies. It is retained as long as the CGPA does not fall below 2.00/4.00.

Probation (PB): A student is placed under probation if his/her CPGA falls below 2.00/4.00 at the end of semester.

Dismissal (DI): A student already on probation is automatically dismissed if he/she attains a second successive probation at the end of a semester.

Non-credit (NC): A student may register for non credit courses during a semester. Such courses shall appear on the transcript as “NC”.

Withdrawal (WD): If a student withdraws from a course/courses or semester, it shall appear on the transcript as “WD”