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  • The courses at CIIT virtual campus will be offered through semester system.
  • Students shall be evaluated in each course on the basis of tests ,assignments, quizzes, graded disscussions, and terminal examinations.
  • The results of the sessional tests and quizzes/assignments/graded discussions shall be forwarded by the registrar office to the examination section of the campus, on the designated date as reflected in the notified semester schedule of a campus.
  • Students shall be eligible to appear in the terminal examination provided:
    1. They have paid all prescribed fees/charges and have been on the rolls of the campus during that semester
    2. They have registered for the courses of study.


The distribution of marks shall be as follows:
Assignments 10%
Quizzes 10%
Graded Discussion 5%
Midterm Exam(s) 25%
Final Exam 50%

Students are bound to physically appear at registered study centers for Midterm (sessional) and final term exams.


  • The instructors/teachers of the concerned courses shall send the award lists to their chairman/heads of departments, who shall send the same to the examinations section under their signatures. The examination section after tabulation/verification of the individual results shall notify the consolidated results accordingly. Answer books of terminal examinations shall be stored for one year, after which they shall be destroyed.
  • Copies of result notifications issued on the completion of a semester shall invariably be sent to the Controller of Examinations.

Make-up Examination

At the discretion of chairman/head of the concerned department, the make-up of sessional tests may be permissible under special circumstances. However, make-up of terminal examination shall not be allowed under any circumstances.

Rechecking of Answer books

A student may, on payment of the prescribed fee, get the answer book rechecked in the presence of the concerned teacher and an officer of the examination section, in its secrecy room, for totaling and for verification that all questions or parts thereof have been fully marked. Re-evaluation of the paper, however, shall not be allowed, except for the evaluation of the unmarked answer or a part thereof. Rechecking shall only be allowed within 10 days of the notification of the result.